Royal Rose Oil

Royal Rose OilAromatherapy Eye Anti-Wrinkle

15 ml. - 0.5 oz
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30 ml. - 1.0 oz
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  • This unique blend of the best carrier oils combined with the most exotic essential oils is the finest solution for the eye area. Rich in lubricants, this aromatic formula fades existing wrinkles, improves the elasticity and tone of the epidermis, protects against dryness and serves as an antiseptic.
  • Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil Carrot Oil. Essential Oils: Rose, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Sandalwood Rosewood, Vitamin E.
  • Apply 1 to 2 drops on your finger tips and gently pat on the area around the eyes.


Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Shelf-life: 18 months. A tingling sensation may occur during the first days of treatment and when contact lenses or glasses are worn.