Chakra III

Chakra IIISolar Plexus - Manipura

The solar plexus chakra is associated with sight, freedom & control, the color yellow and its Sanskrit name is Manipura.
"Through enjoyment and not through calculated analysis, through discovering oneself".

15 ml. - 0.5 oz
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Location: Solar plexus, between T8-T12

Body Parts: Digestive System, Liver, and Gall Bladder.

Glands: Pancreas, Adrenals.

Malfunction: Digestive troubles, chronic fatigue, hypertension.

Lesson: Related to the ego, personality, and self-esteem, individuality.

Mental and Emotional Issues
  • Trust, fear and intimidation, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect, care of oneself and others, responsibility for making decisions, sensitivity to criticism, personal honor.
Orientation to Self
  • Self-definition
Sacred Truth
  • Honor Oneself
Primary Fears
  • Rejection; criticism; looking foolish; failing to meet one's responsibilities; fears related to physical appearance such as the fear of baldness, obesity or aging; fear that others will discover our secrets.
Primary Strengths
  • Self-respect, sef-esteem and self-discipline, ambition, ability to generate action and handle crisis, generosity, ethics, courage to take risks, strength of character.
  • Weakness of physical vulnerability.
  • Amber, agate, Yellow citrine, jasper, topaz, iron pyrite.
  • Ginger, woodruff
  • Fire
  • Mars, Sun
Essential Oils
  • Petitgrain, Tangerin, Star of Anis, Rosemary, Cardamom, Tagetes, Helicrysum.
  • Psychotherapy, solitude, drama/acting, Qi Gong, cycling, hiking, competitive sports

  • Apply one drop to wrist pulse points, inhale twice and smear 2-3 drops around belly button in clockwise direction.


Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Shelf-life: 18 months