Chakra II

Chakra IISacral - Svadhisthana

The sacral chakra is associated with the sense of taste, the color orange and in its Sanskrit name is Swadhisthana.
"To be connected to the flow and enjoyment of it, to be balanced in its sensitivity and enjoyment"

15 ml. - 0.5 oz
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Location: Sacrum, genitals, lower abdomen to navel

Body Parts: Womb, genitals, kidneys, bladder, lower back, Urinary track, fluid flow, fallopian tubes

Glands: Gonads, Ovaries.

Malfunction: Sexual and reproductive problems, impotence / frigidity, Urinary trouble, pelvic / lower back pain

Lesson: Related to sexuality, work, and physical desire.

Mental and Emotional Issues
  • Blame and guilt, money and sex, power and control, creativity, ethics and honor in relationships.
Orientation to Self
  • Self-gratification
Sacred Truth
  • Honor One Another
Primary Fears
  • Fear of loss of control or being controlled be another; fears related to addiction, rape, betrayal, impotence, financial loss, and abandonment by our primary partner or professional colleagues. Also, fear of loss of power of the physical body.
Primary Strengths
  • Ability to take risks, resilience in the face of loss, the power to rebel and re-establish a life, personal and professional decision making and talent, “flight or fight” instinct, the ability to defend and protect self, the ability and stamina to survive and thrive physically and financially on one’s own.
  • Sexual promiscuity, unfaithfulness, abortion.
  • Coral, Carnelian, Yellow Zircon, Tiger’s Eye, Amber, Yellow Jasper, Citrine.
  • Damiana
  • Water
  • Moon
Essential Oils
  • Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Howood, Olibanum, Bergamot, Jasmin, Geranium, Cardamon.
  • Yoga, meditation, fasting, swimming, dance, walking

  • Apply one drop on wrist pulse points, inhale twice and smear 2-3 drops four fingers under belly button across the lower abdomen.


Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Shelf-life: 18 months