The Chakra

BuddhaHealing our energy is as important as healing our mind and body. More than just physical beings, we are complete systems influenced by what we think and feel. Our lives in the modern world are plagued with stress and our bodies are filled with chemicals. We take in polluted air, poisoned water, and a variety of (essentially unhealthy) drugs. It is pertinent we begin to understand our personal energy and how it affects us and works in our lives so that we can begin to make truly healthy choices for ourselves.

For thousands of years, cultures in the East have known about the importance of energy systems that permeate the environment and its inhabitants. Vedic scripts from India mention the chakras, and many other ancient cultures focused on human energy systems for their healing practices. Through color and aromatherapy, Egyptians understood and healed the soul, while early Jewish culture wrote of these ideas in the Kabbalah. These cultures appreciated the importance of energy, understanding its power to refine and heal, bringing complete wellness and the potential to access to higher planes of consciousness.

The chakras are keys to health, stability, and clarity. Energy from the heavens and earth merge and form vortices (chakras) in our body, which act as invisible filters and process the energy flow. As we become sensitive to this energy and aware of the chakras, we open ourselves to greater healing and growth – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Knowing how this system operates is vital if we wish to take control of our lives and fully experience our thoughts and emotions.

The chakras are arranged vertically, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Our energy flows upward through these centers affecting all areas of our lives greatly. Beginning at our base, or root, the first three chakras create the foundation. They deal with our basic necessities, such as survival, identity, sexuality and ego. The fourth chakra, located at our Heart Center, is the connection between the lower chakras grounded in the physical realm, and the three upper chakras of the spiritual realm. Wisdom, expression, truth, and self awareness are related to the upper chakras. Our personal energy shield, or aura, surrounds the body and creates an eight chakra, enclosing the other seven. Our aura contracts and expands, depending on our energy levels and vitality.

Balanced chakras usually spin clockwise, purifying the energy we receive from the physical world and refining it for our spiritual plane. Energy flows smoothly through balanced chakras, promoting health and wellness in all areas of our lives. Positive thoughts and actions, increased energy, and mental clarity result from a balanced system. Forms of yoga, meditation, and the use of oils and crystals can help to maintain a balanced system, or realign one which is imbalanced.

BuddhaTo enhance healing potential massage these areas with the appropriate chakra oil. Areas on hands and feet correspond to specific Chakras.

Chakras can become blocked or imbalanced from stress and trauma in our lives. They may spin counterclockwise, horizontally, or vertically, which will manifest as various illnesses, from physical to spiritual.

It is not vital to know which of our chakras have become imbalanced, but it is important to notice when they do so we can realign and clear them to allow a smooth flow of energy. Failure to do this can result in chronic illness and unhealthy thoughts and emotions.

Becoming aware of these subtle energies and hidden aspects of our nature brings us to a deeper level of healing. Through this, we can learn more directly who we are; the habits that affect us physically and the ideas that form our character. Given the chance to take more responsibility for our selves, we can become more focused on the path that will lead to a fulfilling life. Transforming our energy brings awareness to our talents, bringing love to the forefront of our lives. Appreciating and accepting unique qualities and being able to forgive ourselves is important for complete health. We must transform negative thinking and fill our lives with wellness and love.