Absolute Beet Face Cleanser

BeetFacial Wash for all skin types.

60 ml. - 2.0 oz
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120 ml. - 4.0 oz
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240 ml. - 8.0 oz
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  • Invigorate your face with the ultimate cleanser that is suitable for all skin types. The deep cleansing properties of sweet beet juice serves as an extremely mild exfoliant to remove dead cells and dissolve the daily secretions of the epidermis without drying the skin.
    It will cleanse and brighten your face leaving the skin smooth and toned with a youthful glow. Exclusively from organically grown beets, there are no harsh preservatives or chemical agents.
    PH factor= 5. 7-6 It may give you a lighter complexion with a sensation of tightness. The lather it builds up serves as a natural alternative to shaving foam for men and women.
  • Sweet Beet Juice, Sodium Bicarbonate.
  • Apply a small amount on hands, wash face with circular motion and rinse with water. Please note that only a small amount is needed to thoroughly clean your skin.


Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Unlimited shelf-life